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What’s in a glindarayepix?

The name glindarayepix is the professional moniker for Ben & Glinda Shipley from our stint in the commercial photography business. In the course of taking more than ten thousand photographs all over the world, we’ve found ourselves landing in one fascinating adventure after another. This led to our stretch as travel columnists for Herald Publications of Los Angeles. Those stories bear retelling—says we—so here we are, doing just that.

What’s in a Newsletter?

Every Friday at 9AM sharp (Los Angeles time), we’ll hit your inbox with an entirely new 1,000-word rant, review, essay, profile, whatever. Copious photos, and not all selfies!

Some examples of our favorite topics:

What’s this about Notes?

Some topics, however fascinating, are too short for the newsletter, so we’ll be publishing them over the course of the week on our Website using the Notes Function (we’re thinking about compiling a digest to go out to you every Tuesday at Noon, but that’s a work in process). Mostly, these will come in the form of lists like:

Favorite Photos:

A year’s worth of our favorite photographs, shots that go beyond pure quality to tell some kind of story.

Crazy Tacos:

We’re starting to track our tacos, which keep getting more eccentric and complicated by the day. Not exactly from your local taco stand.

Hot Flicks:

Mostly obscure movies and shows, some good, some not so good, that for one reason or another have caught our attention.

What’s in a City Profile?

Obviously, it depends on the city! But every so often, as a change-up to our usual routine, we’ll be sending out profiles and musings about our favorite cities around the globe, where we try to get to the core—to the Thing, so to speak—about a particular metropolis. Some examples:

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glindarayepix is the moniker for travel columnists and photographers Ben & Glinda Shipley.